Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just A "mini guestbooks" for temporal

Alright, I know this may sound a little weird or unnecessary but just a little favor I am asking for is your comments or suggestions or even just greetings will do fine. It's simple, just leave a reply or comment in any post so that I am able to get the idea that there are visitors for my site. Please bear in mind that your contributions will encourage & help me a lot in my site development. Just my wish for some interactions going on in my blog. Thank you in advance and have a very great day! Cheers!


sendo said...

wow... seems like ur blog has become a self online portfolio site kinda like tat? promote urself gao gao some more LOL. anyway it's a good beginning for u to become a blogger, do update n post more of ur daily life issues if u felt like to. cheers n takecare~

kennyflz said...

yo bro~ where's your other works? hope to see some works u do at UK... full support here~ cheers~

Jamien Lee said...

whoa~ thx Kenny for taking your time viewing my blog...yup, currently been busy in some projects for my uni. will soon have my own proper website for this domain Jamien-Lee.co.uk
but currently it will just forward ppl to my blog, but yeah, hopefully my website will launch soon for gallery viewing purposes (actually also assignment of uni :P )

anyway thanks for your support, i really appreciate~