Sunday, April 19, 2009

Work In Progress (since October 2008)

It's been quite some time I haven't update my blog. For those who happen to drop by and read my post, hope you had a wonderful Easter, not forgetting other good times such as: 2008 X'Mas, 2009 New Year, Chinese New Year...It's always great to hang around with family & friends~ Time flies!! Last thing I remembered was returned back to UK for my final year and now I am just months (in fact, only about 1 month+) away from the completion of my bachelor honour degree studies in U.W.E. Bristol, UK. All this while in UK, my life has being great so far, firstly I finally get to learn & familiarize myself in that 'evil' Maya, :-) also some precious real-life experience i gained from my part-time job in my landlord's Fish & Chips shop. Nothing much for me to complain about~ Also thanks to those wonderful friends in UK...Anyway, that's all for what I can note down about my life in UK.

Before I end my post, I think I will share bits of what I am currently engaging in my animation project so far. Story pitched during last October, it was named "The Bugger" initially, but then I changed it to "Pest Delivery Inc." as the former somehow sounded vulgar to some audience.


*Contents transfered to

(Updated 25th April 2009: Anything related to my work & animation, art etc. will be in my Animation blog, if interested, visit my Animation blog at

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet the MASTER

Hi, I am back with the feeling of writing about the Encounters Short Film Festival that took place in Bristol. Everything was great, but not as great as the Masterclass of Richard Williams that I attended~ Well, for those of you who don't know this great master/ animator, he is the author for the best selling animation book "The Animator's Survival Kit".

And now, he is going to release his compiled works into 16 DVD-Box set called "The Animator's Survival Kit - ANIMATED".

The whole set cost approximately £700, which equals roughly RM3800++...oh my god, at first I still thinking if I am able to grab a copy of that DVD-Box set but seem that it's impossible now~ But anyway, he is really a great person and he is the person who still holds the wonderful principles & formulas of Animation passed down to him by few legendary artists during the Golden Age of Animation such as Chuck Jones, Ken Harris, Milt Kahl and Art Babbitt. It is my honour to be able to attend his Masterclass session, and also meet him in person, have some mini chats with him and his signature. It's a shame I don't have the book for him to sign...But hey, I still manage to take a photo with him~

· My ticket to the ma
sterclass. As I don't have the book, so got the signature from master Richard Williams on my ticket~

· Mr. Richard Williams and me, I am totally respect this great Animator~

Well, that's all for now. In conclusion I really enjoyed the session very much and got inspired by Mr. Williams on how to animate in correct and efficient way. By the way, check out the promo video for the Logo of the DVD-Box set~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Family" photos “全家福”...

Finally it's already November and also my blog has turn 1 years old. How fast time is passing~ The weather is getting colder and sky starts to get dark earlier since apparently Winter is approaching. All this while in the UK i am glad that I have my own entertainment, so I decided to shoot photos for my "Friends" a.k.a. my entertainers...

· From the left: my PSP-1000 Ceramic White, my 5th Generation iPod Classic 80GB Black & the new member - my iPhone 3G 16BG Black. Say "Cheese!~" XD

Another good thing is, I am able to use my iPhone with the current UK sim card flawlessly with the help of TURBO SIM which I bought through eBay, the seller is from Hong Kong and the transaction is pleasant & fast beyond my expectations. By the way what is TURBO SIM and why I need to use it? Okay, this can be explain as: the iPhone 3G sold in most of the countries now are actually tied up with contracts or locked to their own official carrier network, except Hong Kong & Italy. No doubt, my iPhone is also locked to Aussies' 'yes' OPTUS. So currently before the hacking Dev team for iPhone release their software-unlocking method for iPhone 3G, the only solution now is to use hardware-unlock method, which is this TURBO SIM thingy.

· This is the hardware-unlock solution that I am using currently, image sources from

· Too
k these photos for my "i-Friends" sometime ago. Obviously my phone used OPTUS sim card at that time so roaming as Orange UK network. Sadly, no calls or SMS yet for my iPhone at that time. :(

And yeah, with this TURBO SIM, i finally can really use my iPhone as a "phone" rather than just for music and games. I have been using my iPhone with my O2-UK sim card & TURBO SIM in it, so far so good, but anyway I am looking forward to the release of software-unlock method soon~ Pathetically I chucked my old Sony Ericsson W900i with my Malaysia Hotlink sim card aside. :Þ

Alright, that's all for this random update post. Once again I want to thank all those people who drop by checking out my blog. (Umm...wait a minute! seems that my this post looks like technically explaining & promoting about products, just realise after complete writing my post...Don't you think? LOL~)