Sunday, April 19, 2009

Work In Progress (since October 2008)

It's been quite some time I haven't update my blog. For those who happen to drop by and read my post, hope you had a wonderful Easter, not forgetting other good times such as: 2008 X'Mas, 2009 New Year, Chinese New Year...It's always great to hang around with family & friends~ Time flies!! Last thing I remembered was returned back to UK for my final year and now I am just months (in fact, only about 1 month+) away from the completion of my bachelor honour degree studies in U.W.E. Bristol, UK. All this while in UK, my life has being great so far, firstly I finally get to learn & familiarize myself in that 'evil' Maya, :-) also some precious real-life experience i gained from my part-time job in my landlord's Fish & Chips shop. Nothing much for me to complain about~ Also thanks to those wonderful friends in UK...Anyway, that's all for what I can note down about my life in UK.

Before I end my post, I think I will share bits of what I am currently engaging in my animation project so far. Story pitched during last October, it was named "The Bugger" initially, but then I changed it to "Pest Delivery Inc." as the former somehow sounded vulgar to some audience.


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