Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Family" photos “全家福”...

Finally it's already November and also my blog has turn 1 years old. How fast time is passing~ The weather is getting colder and sky starts to get dark earlier since apparently Winter is approaching. All this while in the UK i am glad that I have my own entertainment, so I decided to shoot photos for my "Friends" a.k.a. my entertainers...

· From the left: my PSP-1000 Ceramic White, my 5th Generation iPod Classic 80GB Black & the new member - my iPhone 3G 16BG Black. Say "Cheese!~" XD

Another good thing is, I am able to use my iPhone with the current UK sim card flawlessly with the help of TURBO SIM which I bought through eBay, the seller is from Hong Kong and the transaction is pleasant & fast beyond my expectations. By the way what is TURBO SIM and why I need to use it? Okay, this can be explain as: the iPhone 3G sold in most of the countries now are actually tied up with contracts or locked to their own official carrier network, except Hong Kong & Italy. No doubt, my iPhone is also locked to Aussies' 'yes' OPTUS. So currently before the hacking Dev team for iPhone release their software-unlocking method for iPhone 3G, the only solution now is to use hardware-unlock method, which is this TURBO SIM thingy.

· This is the hardware-unlock solution that I am using currently, image sources from

· Too
k these photos for my "i-Friends" sometime ago. Obviously my phone used OPTUS sim card at that time so roaming as Orange UK network. Sadly, no calls or SMS yet for my iPhone at that time. :(

And yeah, with this TURBO SIM, i finally can really use my iPhone as a "phone" rather than just for music and games. I have been using my iPhone with my O2-UK sim card & TURBO SIM in it, so far so good, but anyway I am looking forward to the release of software-unlock method soon~ Pathetically I chucked my old Sony Ericsson W900i with my Malaysia Hotlink sim card aside. :Þ

Alright, that's all for this random update post. Once again I want to thank all those people who drop by checking out my blog. (Umm...wait a minute! seems that my this post looks like technically explaining & promoting about products, just realise after complete writing my post...Don't you think? LOL~)

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