Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singapore, Brisbane, Anniversary, iPhone...what else? (31st August ~8th September)

I am always late when it comes to things about posting my own events/updates and stuffs, I admit that and suppose what I am writing now is about what I did for the passed August end till beginning of September. Anyway I am glad there are some of you who willing to spend your precious time to have a look at my blog, which is what I really appreciate. For those who support and view my blog, Thank You! Ok, lets get into the topic, shall we?

Well, that time I actually went to Singapore and also Brisbane for trip. Again, without the need to explain it was because my girlfriend got the operation flight to Brisbane where normally have layovers in Singapore. Oh my, before I forget I should have really admit how lucky I am to be able to travel to different places! All credit goes to my girlfriend. By the way, unexpectedly I managed to get the Apple iPhone in Brisbane which is kinda like surprise for myself. What I mean like, hey, all the while I've been like crazy about the iPhone and keep checking and doing research of that especially the 3G version which I am using now, maybe you might ask what the heck I am so fond about this phone? What I can tell is I've waited for it since the first launch of the 2G version in June 2007 (my hometown buddies can be my witnesses, literally few of us are sort of "iPhone gang" now, or even my girlfriend can ultimately proof how strong my enthusiasm on owning an iPhone, she knows me well~). Other than that, what made this whole trip so meaningful is not iPhone, but actually our Anniversary of me and my girlfriend which falls on 7th September (we've being together for 6 years). It's a pity we missed the chance to celebrate last year, but not for this year! God bless we were able to celebrate together on time. To my girlfriend: No matter what lies ahead of us or how unknown the future is, let us face them with no fear and I will do my best in cherishing & hold this precious relationship of you and me, I Love You!

· Yeah~ took in Singapore Chinatown which mainly called in mandarin as 'Niu Che Shui' 牛车水. This was m
y 1st time here in Chinatown. Honestly I really prefer this rather than the Chinatown in KL. Why? To explain my reason is I can walk freely on the streets here without worrying the safety of myself and my belongings. Another easy description is 'well organized'...anymore question? If you been to Singapore, you will know what I mean. (above are purely my personal opinions, no offense. KL still have attractions in certain ways ^_^)

· This is the picture of me in Brisbane. We were actually grabbing some food and short break in Hungry Jack's after done some mini shopping. Thanks to my girlfriend's colleague Chong for taking this picture of us.

· Oh my, oh my! What more can i say for this? I got the iPhone 3G~! It is from 'yes'OPTUS Australia, 16GB model and...without sticky contracts, just come in bundled with Prepaid, cost me AUS$849, after i claimt the tax refund which was about RM2250, considered cheap compare to getting it in other places or even through unofficial seller in Malaysia that offer the ridiculous price ranging between RM3600 to RM4000 for a 16GB iPhone 3G.

· haha, so happy even just merely after got my iPhone activated online in 'yes'OPTUS.

· on the flight back to Singapore from Brisbane. It's nice to be able to take picture with my girlfriend in her operation outfit.

· Our 6th Anniversary fine dining in Doc Cheng's located in Raffles Hotel, Singapore. Enjoyed the romantic atmosphere
, delicious cuisines, relax mood and moment of dining with my beauty. (Obviously we compromised when taking the photo accompanied with flashlight as the whole place was quite dark)

· We took this photo after our dinner, took together with my Gf's good friend who also working in Doc Cheng's. She is very nice and lovely to prepare most of the food in our menus. Feel happy for her too as my Gf is so proud of how well her friend is doing now as a Chef
. And not forgetting to say Bravo! to all the Chefs and waiters/waitress, it was a good dinner~

Alright, I think that will be all for this post. For the rest of the supportive people who viewing my blog, thanks for reading and hopefully enjoy the photos as well! Ciaoz~


Hoyi said... new iphone.XD
Nice photos, shiok la u~!

Jamien Lee said...

yo yo...thanks for reading dude! lansi i said i waited for buying the iPhone very long liao, some more my old phone use for almost 2 years half..anyway I am glad u always regularly check out my blog. thanks!~

Raymond said...

omg jamien! what an coincidence~ I've jz visit ur blog lastnite, and then u've dropped a comment on my blog, LOL mucha gracias :)

I hope you are doing good in your final year ,next semester will be my turn, haven't think about my final yet coz i wanna enjoy holiday 1st :)

Wanna tell u tat I will b going to KL from 16-20 Jan, which is a week before CNY, hopefully we can meet up that time, just let me know when will u back in M'sia la k, TTYL!

Brandon Cheah said...
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Brandon Cheah said...

Hi Jamien,

I came across your blog while i'm searching ways to get a iPhone 3G.
I'm from KL as well and was wondering if you or your GF is going to Aust by any chance as well.
Thinking of getting a iPhone 3G for myself as well.

Any means that we can chat to each other on this? Thanks.

My MSN =