Saturday, October 4, 2008

List of highlights from March to August. (Part-2)

My apologizes here as I am so late for the part 2 post since I've been quite busy or to say hardly get online after my part 1. Well, had been busy in traveling, preparing for returning to UK...blah blah, and whoa~ finally I've settled down myself back in Bristol and kinda like back to studies life. Anyway here will be my part 2 which is for this previous title I've started.

May~30th June: After the 2 trips I've gone for March and April, nothing to specify for this period of time as was just purely working, and still...working. Yeah, life's pretty much the same since is just doing the same thing everyday. But then still I managed to learn and get precious inspirations. Thanks to those wonderful colleagues in Mirage Works.

· this is the ONE & ONLY photo that I took in MirageWorks with all the crew members, and also the time where everyone was present and 'complete'. (Standing) From the left: "Kotak", David "Timbaland", "Master" Hoe Yi, Cha Hwang, ME, Roden, "Humor & always good mood" Vun Ching. What about (sitting)? Haha, no need mention also knew they are the bosses~)

July: Alright, actually my plan was to stop working in MirageWorks beginning of 1st July onwards but expected need to stay for awhile as still have few projects engaged haven't complete so I was requested to stay until the 31st of July only I go, but I got my plan set up for July so in the end got the deal of working from 17th until 31st. So, for the 1st half of the month I actually went for another trip with my girlfriend again, that time was in Bangkok, Thailand. Comments? The weather with hot blazing sunshine is 1 thing, the rest considered enjoyable.

· travelling on the busy street in the Tuk-Tuk.

· taking photo with the Platinum Mall.

· at the Maharaj Pier.

· on the way to the Golden Palace.

· in the Golden Palace and all visitors were required to wear the attire which cover most part of our bodies to show respect when in the Palace area.

· took one quite funny shot of this in Bangkok Airport.

Stopped working since the 1st of this month and just like taking rest in my hometown. But in the same time there were some travel plans. :) Well, actually decided to visit Beijing as my girlfriend got an operate flight to there but too bad since August is the month of Olympic 2008 Events, the visitor VISA was so hard
to get and also the embassy people start to use the chance to charge higher VISA processing fees. No luck to visit Beijing~ but still okay as I visited my girlfriend in Abu Dhabi. Went to Dubai for a day trip. Seriously, you will never want to go out instead staying indoors as the hot and dry weather is not good to mess with...But still, the whole time in Abu Dhabi was really an enjoyable one and to add up the sweetness, me and my girlfriend still managed to celebrate my birthday although I was there with her after a week passed my birthday. And one thing, I really like my girlfriend's room at there~

· really love my girlfriend's room. I am
really proud of the way how she design the arrangement of the furnitures and also her choices of matching color of the material for the room. What I feel is comfort and relaxing in the room.

· yeah, feel so glad and touch as my girlfriend and I still able to celebrate my birthday eventhough it was a late celebration this year. I am very happy you always try to be there for me, V~ Love U so much! Muaks!

· yo! took this in Dubai, obviously the building behind me is the tallest building in Dubai called "Burj Dubai".

· finally took photo at the main entrance gate of the most luxurious hotel in Dubai - "Burj Al Arab - Jameirah".

Okay~ here will be the ending for my post about this title. Once again thank you very much for check back and spend time


Hoyi said...

haha...That is also my only one photo took with them in MW~! XD Damn missing guys man~! btw...i m not master~~ >.<

Nice trips anyway~!
Keep in touch man!

Jamien Lee said...

yo man...thanks for dropping by...miss all u guys too~ just take my compliment, u're good! Anyway keep in touch my friend~

King Yee said...

Hope you do well in your studies, we all at mirage works missing you... by the way, i'm not the boss...haha... :)

Jamien Lee said...

Hey King Yee, I am so surprise to see you actually drop your comment in my blog and also drop by too~ anyway thanks for reading my posts...I am thankful for your greetings and wishes. and all the best to MirageWorks. Hope everyone enjoy working and also stay happy and healthy always! "Bosses" i meant also include Directors, hehe~ anyway thanks for coming by and hope everyone is fine~

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

wow, the iphone 3g, it's a cheap buy~!

your girlfriend's room looks like all the furniture are from ikea, haha.

seem like you enjoy life a lot, keep it up~!

Jamien Lee said...'s lucky for me to get the iPhone in Australia.
yes, u r right..most of the furnitures in her room are from ikea. Seem that u also a fan of ikea furniture?
thanks for visiting and leaving ur comments my friend~ wish u take care and also keep it up for ur nice blog~ cheers!

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

I am not an ikea fans, but i always go ikea i think. haha

Jamien Lee said...

yeah~ it's enjoyable to have window shopping sometimes in Ikea, isn't it? In the same time can get some inspiration on furniture designs as well as witness how they design and utilize the furniture to form nice and comfortable living environment~

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

yup, exactly, haha.