Tuesday, August 19, 2008

List of highlights from March to August. (Part-1)

It's been a long while since i left my blog to rust. Well...here I am back to the scene again and bring along with me a list of memorable events from this period of time. Indeed through recalling back those events make me realize that Time is hasten incredibly during the time I am in Malaysia. I remembered that just when I arrived back to my home sweet home on 29th January and now...it's time for me to return to the UK. I guess that I might just experience the fusions of emotion where I am gonna leave Malaysia, apart with my love ones and local friends ; at the same time I will be soon step back on the ground of the Great Britain and of course meet my classmates and good friends at there...Okay, now this is the problem here, I am feeling the contradiction of whether to feel happy or sad? Hmm...but thinking of how fast can time fly, this wouldn't be a big deal. Anyhow, here you go...list of the events.

March: okay, the month which I started work in Mirage Works, KL. Alright, some adaptations required to catch up the working pace. Things worked out quite well for me at there. Manage to cope up and also meet some interesting people there.

Apart from just working, thanks to my girlfriend who works as Cabin Crew, I am able to use staff ticket to travel with her. So during the end of March, I went to Singapore then to Brisbane, Australia and also Surfer Paradise in Gold Coast, Australia.

· in Clarke Quay, Singapore

· in Siloso Beach of Sentosa Island, Singapore

· at the beach of Surfer Paradise

· Cityscape of Brisbane, Australia

April: As usual I was back to my work again. Feel bad to say nothing special to mention in my job, really. But I still enjoyed myself during work with friendly and talkative colleagues around. Another great thing is I manage to learn some other 3D CG softwares which I never know to use before this, even though they are just 'tools', but it's essential for CG or 3D animators/artists to understand the usage to ease out our working pipeline, after all softwares play partial role in our career and interests developing.

modo : thi
s great software is now the replacement for LightWave 3D software which I learned to use previously during college studies. Modo is really a good tool for producing 3D still images with its more and more developed, powerful render engine.

ZBrush : this 3D sculpting & painting capable software really helps me alot in creating some realistic and complex-textured objects. I feel really enjoyable to learn it and also having fun experience throughout the adapting & exploring process in this software.

Poser : Nice figure posing and animating software, but lack of the ability to collaborate well with other softwares, some features are not quite user-friendly too. Learned this software basically just for dealing with massive amount of 3D human figures in Singapore ViVo City Shopping Mall Ad project. In my point of view anyone can easily learn this software and adapt to it in short time due to its limited functionalities.

Okay, there are so much to say and explain when comes to softwares so that will be just my simple descriptions. Not forgetting that I was very lucky to be able to travel again in end of April. That time was with my girlfriend and her family. We went to Taiwan in group travel form with other people, so what could be expected - everything was arranged nicely and scheduled by the travel agent. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the trip very much and tasted plenty of Taiwan cuisine.

· 西门町 in street of Xi Men Ding

· 自由广场 Square

· 九份 in Jiu Fen

Whoa~ finally end of part 1 for my updates/highlighted events. Please do check back soon for Part 2. Thank You for reading!


Hoyi said...

wowow...so good always go travel~!
haha...nice updated~! Wish u all the best...add oil

Jamien Lee said...

Thanks man...haha~ honestly u are just like a Si Fu to me in Mirage Works. Learn alot from u and for that i thank you! Wish u achieve ur target as well and gambateh~

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

should get a cabin girl like you did. haha

Jamien Lee said...

hahaha...i and my gf had already been together since last time before she work as cabin crew...LOL...anyways, thanks for reading and wish u all the best in whatever u do. (p/s. GoodLuck in searching for a Cabin gf, LOL~)

raymond said...

erm, i think i've dropped my comment here last week, but it's not here, how weird it was, anyway, let's add oil in our final year production, looking fwd to hear frm u again ciaoz

Jamien Lee said...

that's weird indeed~ as I never get any notification from Blogger regarding ur comments...anyway, thanks for ur msg my friend! same to you, all the best and take care~