Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work? Rest?...Play.

As from my post title above...yeap, I've started working as 3D Artist again with the previous company i worked last year July till August. As usual, nothing much special to be mention about my job. Well, it's kinda like office working lifestyle, start at 10am and called it a day by 7pm. I being trying my best to maintain the balance of my lifestyle, trying to avoid any possible bias on several aspects. As I'm kinda person who used to work seriously in my job, so this is the problem - it keeps me sitting in front of computer with my right hand on the mouse all the time doing stuffs at work, except lunch break. But I am glad that I am able to meet my friendly colleagues. They make my time in the office easier to go along with as they are also quite humorous dudes. They are YouTube freaks as well and this make me back to hang out in YouTube again. Long story short, lets check out the video of this dude performing a very sick skill with 100% vocals. Trust me, I think this dude hardly needs any music instruments, LOL! Anyway enjoy the video & "music", do check back soon for updates! Thank you.

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