Saturday, November 24, 2007

Trip to Stonehenge & Salisbury Cathedral

Went to the trip today, considered quite lucky for not getting rain in these trip destinations, instead feeling EXTREMELY freezing especially in Stonehenge. The feeling is like no different from staying in a freezer, but good thing that I still managed to take photos although my hands felt so numb like going to detach from my arms. Wish SHE was there with me to enjoy the scenery...

looks familiar? no surprise at all if you are Windows XP user and never get bored of using integrated desktop wallpapers, no offense but you can find 1 quite similar to this picture :)

this is the Cathedral of Salisbury which have almost 750 years of history.

self-portrait of myself in front the cathedral, it's very overwhelming when thinking about people from the ancient build this 750 years ago.

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