Friday, December 21, 2007

My first X'Mas in the UK... / 在英国的第一个圣诞。。。

Another few days will be Christmas for year 2007, staying in my cozy room writing this post before the Christmas. The weather is getting colder for as cold as -3°C, but no snow...probably because of my living area. Night falls everyday after 4.30pm, so it would be a good idea for me to just stay in my warm room and not thinking of going out hanging around after pass 5pm.

Will be going to London for Christmas actually. Very glad that this year X'mas I am able to meet with my girl in London/UK!

took this picture with myself standing at the front door step of my accommodation at 4.33pm





sendo said...

cool man, though the street is a little bit ermm....anyway it doesnt matter ,at least still can meet up with ur gf,so i think u will be having a memorable n romantic christmas by tomorrow. Wish u a Merry Christmas la here, take care


weiting said...

Jamien ~~
MeRry Christmas and happy new year!!

p/s: 哇!!你的华语让我回想起bok lai 教的美学哦!!很...好笑!! ~~x(^@^)x~~
好啦..一切加油咯!!过的开心点啦!!要多笑要不然你像小丑吖!!哈哈哈哈!!bye la..

Jamien Lee said...

thank you folks! same to you all as well, MERRY X'MAS!

p/s: Wei Ting, nice photos of convo u had! if you got play Blog, mind to share? I will be happy to add as link in my blog...see ya around! have a wonderful festive season!